The Role of Inclusive Communities in Fostering International Student Success

Session Speaker(s)
International Peer Group Scholars Program Coordinator
International Student Excellence Programs
International Student Excellence Programs

Through this highly interactive session, participants will better understand the experiences of international students, the value of peer mentors as they transition to a new culture, struggles these students face upon arrival to campus and how those struggles translate to difficult emotions and feelings. Participants will identify ways in which peer mentors can help international students navigate their experiences at UCI. Presenters will share a brief overview of the International Peer Group mentorship program and open opportunity for attendees to discuss ways we can all foster an inclusive community for these students at UCI.


Session Goals & Outcomes

Participants will learn to: 

  1. Empathize with the experience of international students 
  2. Describe at least three benefits of peer mentorship programs for international students
  3. Identify at least two ways in which they can help foster an inclusive environment for these students on campus