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Conference Tracks

    Partnerships for Student Success
    Serving our Diverse Student Populations
    Empowering Our Staff
    Professional Development & Skills Progress for your Career
    Feature Posters

Partnerships for Enhancing Student Success

Programs in this track should focus on collaborations and partnerships that focus on innovative programs that highlight unit specific and/or cross-divisional approaches that contribute to student success.

  • How are we creating a holistic and supportive university environment in ways that are in tune with today’s college students, and empower our students to mitigate the multiple issues that may threaten their success?
  • How are we establishing and sustaining partnerships with other campus units or department to support student success? · In what ways are we incentivizing or encouraging collaboration across units and departments?
  • How are we engaging students in collaborative opportunities?
  • How are we providing an effective “menu of options” for the continuum of mental health care needed by students within a culture of campus care?
  • What non-traditional or creative approaches exist regarding campus safety?
  • Are there programs and practices that leverage technology to effectively contribute to student success?

Empowering Our Staff

Programs in this track should focus on efforts to increase employee involvement; ways to involve them in decision-making and ways to give them increased job autonomy. In what ways are we increasing job satisfaction, which can enhance employee morale and commitment to the organization?

  • What practices are in place across the campus that support and empower staff?
  • What types of employee wellbeing programs exist?
  • What strategies might the institution employ to address hiring and retaining diverse staff?
  • What methods exist for soliciting and using employee feedback and suggestions for improvement?
  • What models and best practices exist for alternate work schedules?

Professional Development and Skills to Progress In Your Career

Programs in this track should focus on how employees can gain skills, knowledge, and capital to be successful in their diverse roles. What programs, partnerships or collaborations exist to provide resources, training, and opportunities to discover, develop, and adjust these talents to support our diverse student populations and foster holistic development?

  • What resources or programs are offered by units or departments to identify strengths and how to develop those strengths and skills in order to achieve one’s professional goals and create pathways for advancement?
  • What programs exist that manage talent to achieve the university’s mission, goals, and strategies?
  • What practices are in place across campus to provide coaching, mentoring, and leadership development?

Serving Our Diverse Student Populations

Programs in this track should focus on how we facilitate and support student success in our diverse student population through research, best practices, and sharing experiences.

  • How do we adapt and amend to best serve our unique, increasingly diverse student populations?
  • In what ways has the institution not fully maximized opportunities to serve students? What future opportunities exist for the institution to serve our students in culturally responsive ways?
  • How might we partner with departments, units, and clusters across the campus to serve our diverse student population? What opportunities exist to innovate the programs and services we provide?

Featured Posters:

Highlight your department’s achievement, program, or best practices by creating an effective poster presentation as a visual communication tool to engage conference attendees in dialogue and collaboration. (template will be provided)