Empower You: Women’s Winning Strategies for Confronting Challenges in the Workplace, Life & the World

Session Speaker(s)
Emmy Award-Winning Broadcast Journalist & Author

This session will offer a fascinating perspective on the women’s movement, challenges in life and workplace through personal stories, attendee participation and her experiential wisdom. Yolanda will share her decades of experience to empower women and continue her work despite her sudden blindness. She will share how she overcame barriers of working as a woman in the male dominated profession of broadcast journalism in Los Angeles, Sacramento and Washington, DC, being the daughter of immigrant parents, and managing life-altering personal disaster of transitioning from vision to blindness.

Session Goals & Outcomes
  • Identifying your higher purpose. What is yours to do?
  • Eliminating disempowering beliefs and cultural mores
  • Rebuilding a new sense of self. What do you want to create?
  • How imagination, awareness, attention and intention can guide change.
  • Think solutions and strategies that work