Not Too Cool for Tool Kits: Utilizing Center for Student Leadership resources and outreach programs to promote and expand your departments' leadership, training, and educational opportunities.

Session Speaker(s)
Director, Center for Student Leadership
Student Life & Leadership
Leadership Programs Coordinator
Student Life & Leadership, Center for Student Leadership

At the core of UCI is student engagement. Our students are eager, passionate, and want to contribute to the UCI community, their home. At the Center for Student Leadership (CSL), we believe that the moment students enter campus, they have the potential to be leaders and that it is our responsibility as a university to help discover and develop that leadership potential. As a Center, we strive to serve as a centralized hub to connect students with all that this campus has to offer in regards to student leadership opportunities, trainings, and resources. We believe in what we've built, but we want to do more, and we hope you will join us.


Our professional staff team has developed tools and platforms to promote leadership opportunities across campus, as well as programs that help students become interdisciplinary leaders. These tools have the potential to serve as a one stop shop for students interested in leadership, connecting them to the incredible opportunities offered in your areas while simultaneously helping you to focus our energy by reaching students in one place.


These tools and resources include:

Marketing student leadership opportunities

Identifying and communicating with students who are most interested in your resources Incentivizing participation

Tracking involvement

Recognizing exceptional student leadership


With your collaboration, input, and use of these platforms, not only do our resources for students become more full and sustainable, your departments will reap benefits in greater exposure to students generally and increased ability to reach and interact with the students most interested and in need of what you offer.