How to Help Minority and Transfer Students Take Charge of Their Sense of Belonging

Session Speaker(s)

This interactive session unpacks the literature on students’ processes in navigating a sense of belonging throughout their college trajectory. The session equips participants with sociocultural lens to better understand the lived experiences of students from non-dominate cultures and transfer students. Anonymous UCI student anecdotes and evidence-based examples from the recent research will be used during breakout exercises to help participants gain a deeper understanding of the adjustment nuances of “where do I belong” from a student’s point of view during and beyond their first years. Participants will learn about the constructs of sense of belonging informed by the research and actionable strategies on how to equip students with the essential skills to take charge of their psychological sense of belonging at UCI.

Session Goals & Outcomes

Gain an understanding of the literature on persistence and engagement of minority and transfer students. Understand the constructs of student's sense of belonging. Learn ways to engage adolescents based on findings from multidisciplinary research in developmental and cognitive neuroscience. Learn about frameworks related to Emotional Intelligence.