Weathering the Storm: How Panic and Anxiety Have Made Me a Better Professional

Session Speaker(s)

Overview: Using lessons learned over a year of intense personal exploration, I will share insights gained about what causes panic/anxiety, what happens physiologically when we experience panic/anxiety, and strategies to work through panic/anxiety including mindfulness, diaphragmatic breathing, and reframing techniques-all of which will benefit anyone who wants to live a more mindful and balanced life.

Content will include researched material from Kaiser Permanente's Anxious to Calm course, Real Happiness written by Sharon Salzberg, Feeling Good written by David D. Burns, Daring Greatly and Rising Strong written by Brene Brown and personal anecdotes.

Goals: Participants will better understand what is happening in a person's mind and body when they experience panic/anxiety and gain at least three strategies to help them cope. This workshop will benefit anyone who wants to live a more mindful and balanced life, individuals who experience panic/anxiety, and professionals who hope to better serve their students or peers who may be experiencing panic/anxiety.

Session Goals & Outcomes

Workshop Outline: -Introduction (5 minutes) -Share personal story of experience with panic attack and anxiety including what it feels like (5 minutes) -Identify what is happening in the mind and body when panic/anxiety occurs (5 minutes)-Discuss strategies to live a more mindful and balanced life and work through panic/anxiety including diaphragmatic breathing, reframing, meditation, and mindfulness techniques including the science behind why they work. Provide space for participants to practice these strategies (25 minutes) - Explore how this information may help them personally and professionally (10 minutes) -Questions (if time available).

A first-time panic attack experienced in early 2017 became the catalyst for an odyssey of self-discovery and understanding. In this session, the presenter will share insights that can benefit not only those who experience panic and anxiety, but anyone who wants to live a more mindful and balanced life. Learn strategies on how to handle your own stress, anxiety, or negativity--as well as how to better serve any of the nearly 40 million Americans affected by panic and anxiety.