Value-Based Self Care: Massages Are Not for Everyone

Session Speaker(s)
Sr. Counseling Psychologist
Counseling Center

The benefits of self-care for improving health and preventing burnout are well known. There is a wealth of information from various sources that touts the benefits of different forms of self- care from exercise, social interaction, good food and yes, massages and spa days. While this information may be useful, it can often feel overwhelming and confusing, not to mention expensive.  How does one decide what forms of self-care are in keeping with what is important for our lifestyle and values?

This interactive workshop will focus on ways in which participants can identify their goals around self-care and learn more about how they can incorporate their values into their self-care routine.


Session Goals & Outcomes

The presenters will provide information on the importance of value- driven action and help participants identify one or two activities that they can try to use in their daily life to improve well-being.