UCI Esports - Supporting Students Through Gaming

Session Speaker(s)

Format: Presentation with Q&A at the end.

Overview: In this presentation, UCI staff Hillary Phan, Haylesh Patel, and Dr. Milo Dodson will share their work in UCI Esports. They will explain the goals of UCI Esports, the importance of games to young people, why it makes sense at UCI, our inclusion and diversity efforts, and going in-depth in how we support our teams and community.

Dr. Milo Dodson acts as the team psychologist. He meets with each team biweekly, guiding them through discussions on conflict resolution principles, player burnout, and mental preparation. He works with players to develop healthy habits surrounding competition, constant high-stress environments, and conflict. 

Haylesh Patel serves as the exercise physiologist. He runs the fitness programs for players and staff, complete with pre and post evaluations. He provides personalized exercise and dietary plans, ergonomic consultation, as well as presentations on healthy living. 

Hillary Phan focuses on player academics and professional goals. She aids players in time management and balancing their academic workload, connecting them with necessary resources like tutors or the career center. She checks-in with players on their college and career plans, critiquing resumes and advising on job applications.

Session Goals & Outcomes

Educate UCI staff about UCI Esports and how we support our students. Help staff understand this student population and inspire new ways to collaborate across campus. Dispel common myths and stigmas associated with gaming.