Student Training: Sharing our values and empowering the faces of the library

Session Speaker(s)

The Access Services department of the UCI Libraries employs approximately 100 students every year. We rely heavily on them to provide services and keep our buildings open. These students are the face of our libraries and so it is important they have the information they need to perform their jobs. In addition to preparing these students to assist faculty, students, and staff, we have the opportunity to help them with their professional growth. Working at the Libraries is the first job for many of these students and so we find ourselves working with them on things like workplace communication, the necessity of filling out timesheets promptly, and the important of completing required training while still understanding their first priority here is to complete their education. Training this number of students can be time-consuming and a challenge with multiple work locations and supervisors involved and we also look for organizational efficiencies while still meeting the goals above. We try to achieve this balance through a combination of a required Annual Student Training Day and the optional Library STARs (STudent Assistant enRichment program).

Session Goals & Outcomes

• Share information about organizing a training program for students

• Identify new campus partnerships to enhance current training offered