Identity Language: Why it matters & strategies for an inclusive approach

Session Speaker(s)
Braille/Assistive Technology Specialist
Disability Services Center
Assistant Director, LGBTRC
Student Life & Leadership

Language is integral to creating safer learning/growth environments. It is a tool through which many students understand and express themselves. By taking an inclusive approach to language, Student Affairs staff can help affirm and support students as they work to reach their full potential. We, the Disability Service Center, DREAM Center, and LGBTQ Resource Center, are collaborating to present on how Student Affairs staff can use inclusive identity language to affirm and empower students of diverse backgrounds.

We will present on the conversations that new generations of students are having around identity. We will offer an opportunity for student affairs staff to reflect on and learn about the evolution of identity language and why it matters on campus. Finally, we will share strategies that staff can use for a more inclusive approach. By coming together across student affairs departments, we model collaboration that will produce a holistic understanding of our students.

Our presentation format will be use a traditional slide deck. We will have time for a short discussion facilitated by staff from the Disability Service Center, DREAM Center, and LGBTQ Resource Center.

Please note that we are still confirming our speakers, and therefore may have to make slight changes as a result.

Session Goals & Outcomes

Improve our collective understanding of identity language, why it matters, and provide practical strategies for a more inclusive approach to language for a stronger community