Filter Free: Transforming Uncertainty and Failure into Your Professional Compass

Session Speaker(s)
Marketing Strategist
OVPTL - Summer Session

The pressure to be perfect, hard-working, and tireless in the pursuit of excellence can be terrifying. You may fear your unpolished self from showing too. You can't help but be a human being -- so lean into the imperfections of your journey and take control of the narrative. By doing so, you lead by example for the students you serve, colleagues you work alongside, and communities you interact with.

This is an interactive workshop to help staff of all levels, backgrounds, and experience develop a roadmap for communicating their experience, goals, and how to leverage their expertise to progress in their career so that they can be more effective and visible higher-ed professionals.

Session Goals & Outcomes

The goal for this session is to provide a toolkit for higher-ed professionals to articulate their needs, document their processes, and become advocates that are equipped with more tools to navigate their own professional trajectory while serving as a lead-by-example, role model for others they may supervise or interact with.