Changing the Status Quo of Student Affairs: Leaders Who Shift Paradigms – Cultivating & Supporting the Revolutionary Thinker

Session Speaker(s)
Assistant Director
Student Outreach and Retention Center

Changing demographics requires institutional change. This workshop breaks down how educations current practices perpetuate and promote inequities and retention barriers and introduces the idea of shifting that paradigm, reimagining spaces that were historically never meant for the marginalized voices, the underserved and underrepresented, through grappling with issues of equity, understanding student populations and needs, aligning the institutions goals and pillars to uphold and support students now and in the future. This workshop will provide insight into how every area of Student Affairs can do its part by cultivating and supporting Revolutionary Thinkers who are leaders who have the power to generate new thoughts and reorganize existing ideas to change the world!

Session Goals & Outcomes

Provide insight on the historical and current concerns and inequities with current practices. Introduce solutions to shift the current paradigm to better serve and support students currently and in the future. Define the Revolutionary Thinker and introduce the importance of the investment, practice of cultivating and supporting and uplifting a revolutionary thinker and how valuable this type of leader is in improving the quality of life of our students and the effectiveness of their impact on the entire campus.